The Cocktail Caravan - a compact caravan customised to add an extra dimension of theatrical fun to your festival, wedding, party or corporate event. We provide real, bespoke and made to order cocktails to fit the event (you can help in the naming process if you like).

Drinks are designed and served by experienced mixologists - who also happen to be sparkly, glamorous ladies!

It can also become a party ‘venue’ with a picket fence, lights, seating, umbrellas, make up artists, food and music. Similarly, the caravan could partner up to provide the drinks for an existing venue. In effect, it can be dressed up or down in accordance with the style of event. The golden caravan is a recovery hang out for Bloody Mary sippers and a warm up and meeting place fuelled by our best selling glitter Mojitos through the night.

Volume wise, the caravan is not designed to take a massive ‘hit’ – it works really well alongside other bars at big events -it is not intended to compete for business and does not detract from other bars. For this reason she is particularly suited as a treat backstage at large events.

Rates are negotiable, but usually we work on a profit share basis to benefit both parties. We can also incorporate specific brands or buy from on site providers if you are working with sponsors.

The caravan itself is very compact and almost self sufficient (requiring only a small 6amp hookup for lights).

Events in 2012 included Shambala, Wedfest, See No Evil, Alfresco Disco NYE and Love Saves The Day.

We hope to see you in a field somewhere soon!